The R Trader terminal is a high-tech product featuring more than 12,000 trading instruments, including stocks of US and European companies, currency pairs, indices, ETFs. If you have not heard about the platform, I recommend reading this article first.

Now, about the novelties.

New instruments in R Trader

R Trader now features over 500 new CFDs on European stocks from 11 countries that were not on the platform earlier.

The new instruments on R Trader include CFDs on the stocks of the most liquid companies from various European countries. Among the new markets available to RoboMarkets clients are Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and Italy. The markets of Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom, already featured on the platform, were also updated: the lists of instruments got an extension.

Tick charts appeared

Another novelty on the platform is tick charts. Tick-by-tick charts are now available to traders: ask, bid, trades. Also, now there is an opportunity to aggregate ticks in candlesticks/bars and draw a chart of a set number of ticks.

This type of chart draws after the completion of a certain number of trades – ticks. This type of aggregation can be used on intraday charts with an interval of no more than 5 days. For example, you can build a histogram that represents the price action, defining the opening, closing, high, and low prices each time when the number of trades amounts to 155. On the charts, users can freely set any number of aggregated ticks from 1 to 10,000.

Watchlists updated

This update also touched upon the functions of Watchlists. New intervals – 5 min, 30 min, 2 h – were added to the system Watchlists: Top Gainers, Volume Leaders, Top Losers. These are a unique and mighty analytical instrument that allows calculating in a split second lists of various instruments that have shown the highest dynamics in the chosen interval (from 5 min to 1 day).

The intervals of 5 min, 30 min, 2 h help assess the impulse character of the current candlestick. On volatile markets, it is not enough to know whether the stock is moving up or down today – every hour is important. This instrument is useful for intraday traders who plan to enter and exit the stock market during the day.

Mobile version of R Trader

In December 2019, the mobile version of R Trader became available to those who prefer trading from mobile devices: At present, it features the main functions: charts, account choice, managing positions and accounts, history, and trading.

One of the key features of the mobile platform is its high productivity thanks to modern tech solutions, particularly, the Angular technology. The algorithm of terminal updates was also improved: it will go unnoticed by the trader. Not interfering with their work. In the nearest future, we should expect new functions to be added to the mobile version.

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