RoboForex celebrates its 11th birthday by a new promo action for partners and clients. The prize fund is $1,100,000!

The action started on July 1st, 2021 and will last 10 months. The main difference from the previous action that started last year — the number of prize places and raffles has increased.

Over 500 prizes from $1,000 to $20,000 will be raffled off starting July 2021 through April 2022.

How to take part in the lottery?

To play the game, you need to be a client of RoboForex Ltd. Prizes will be raffled off among those who have special Coupons. They are given for trading in RoboForex accounts and attracting clients to the company as a Partner.

Each client can get up to 3 Coupons a month, which makes 3 chances to win one of the places in the game. Ways of getting a Coupon:

1. Trading on Prime accounts

Prime accounts provide the best conditions ever possible in the company, such as spreads from 0 points, commission fees from just 10 USD per 1 million USD of trading turnover, as well as leverage of 1:300. Prime accounts are perfect for algo trading.

How to get a Coupon:

  • Deposit a Prime account for at least 300 USD.
  • Monthly turnover no less than 3 lots*

* - Only positions in currency pairs and metals opened this month are taken into account.

2. Working as a Partner

We offer our Partners up to 60% of the company's profit: all you need to do is to attract active clients to RoboForex. Up to 50% of the profit a Partner makes in the VIP program and the remaining part — on the Loyalty program; the latter payment can reach 20% of the monthly commission fee.

How to get a Coupon:

  • Get no less than 300 USD of Partner's commission a month.

3. Becoming a CopyFX trader

Have you heard about CopyFX? This is a copy-trading platform that allows successful traders to attract subscribers to their strategies and get commissions for it. Trading on CopyFX accounts, you make your profits not only on your trading activities but also on your subscribers' success.

How to get a Coupon:

  • Become one of the top-30 CopyFX traders on Prime accounts this month.

When are the results due?

The month is over, you have got your precious Coupons. Now wait for the results or the raffle to be announced — they will appear on the first Friday of the next month.

For example, if you get your Coupon in July 2021, you will see the results on the first Friday of August — August 6th, 2021. You can check the dates of raffles and the results on our special website page.

Who will become winners?

Every Coupon has a unique 6-digit number. The closer this number turns out to be to the winning combination, the more chances you have for getting a prize.

The winning combination, in its turn, is based on the stock prices of the US 54 leading companies. For the transparency of the raffle, we take the closing prices of the first Friday of the month.

The combination is comprised of the last digits in a set of quotations, decided beforehand for each winning place. Check out the list of sets on our website.

An example raffle

On the lottery day, Apple (AAPL) stocks close at 142.03. For the winning combo, three last digits will be taken - 203.

Same scenario for Microsoft (MSFT) shares. Imagine they close at 277.59. For the combo, we will take 759.

Hence, for the first place, the winning combo will be 203759 (AAPL+MSFT). The person owning a Coupon with a code closest to this combo wins $20,000 for their trading account. The money can be withdrawn any moment or used in trading.

Further reading on the Rules of the action here.

Take part in the promo, get maximum Coupons every month, and increase your chances in the raffle. Good luck!

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