The new week of August will provide us with the Fed's minutes and a flow of statistics that will not let the market get bored.

USD: all eyes on minutes

The US Federal Reserve System will publish the minutes of its previous meeting, which might contain some nuances of its next monetary decisions. The more active the Fed looks to the market, the better: it is ready for tougher policy and anticipating details.

NZD: the RBNZ is ready to act

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is holding another session this week, and it can become quite unusual: the regulator is ready to raise the interest rate from the current 0.25% to 0.50%, which will mean the coronavirus crisis is almost over. For the NZD, this will be a supporting factor.

Central banks: times for watching

This week, apart from New Zealand, meetings will be held by the Central banks of Norway, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The main trend is wait and see what happens to the key macroeconomic psrameters. If the monetary policy remains unchanged, risky assets will get support.

EUR: a week without surprises

The Eurozone will publish prelim GDP for Q2 and employment calculation for April-June, 2021. Also, the inflation statistics for July are due; the ECB will present its minutes of the previous meeting, and no surprises are expected here. The more neutral is the information, the calmer will be the EUR.

GBP: statistics can support the pound

This week, Great Britain is going to be active in the macroeconomic calendar. Check the employment market data for June and July: the GBP can get support there. Another important block of statistics contains the prices situation, and it will also be fruitful. Inflation might be subsiding, and this is also good news for the GBP.

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