Andrey Goilov


Financial analyst and successful trader; in his practice, prefers highly volatile instruments. Delivers daily webinars on trading and designs RoboForex educational materials.

The author’s articles

How to Trade VIX?

VIX represents the expectations of the stock market participants. It is also known as the fear index or volatility index. This article describes what this index is and how to trade it.

Best Long-Term Strategies: Mastering Jarroo

Not all traders like complicated trading systems with lots of indicators: you can easily misunderstand in which direction to trade. In this case, a simple strategy called Jarroo (described in this article) will help.

How to Become a Day Trader?

Who is a day trader and how to become one? In this article, we study the main principles of day strategies and the qualities that a trader needs to trade successfully.

MACD – Trading the Trend Strategy

A combination of a trend indicator and oscillator is one of the best possible methods of work. This article is devoted to a trading strategy called MACD – Trading the Trend and the ways to improve it.

How to Trade Commodities: Guide for Beginners

Trading commodities helps investors diversify their portfolios because these instruments have no connection to the stock or currency market. This article explains what commodities are and how to trade them.

How to Forecast Economic Crises?

Any financial crisis provokes a decline of stock markets and, most often, the growth of the USD. Knowing when such an event might happen helps investors to leave one market and buy promising assets in another one. In this article, we will enumerate the signs of an approaching economic crisis.

How to Trade by 5-0 Pattern?

In this article, I speak about a relatively new pattern of Harmonic Trading called 5-0. It is similar to the popular Head and Shoulders pattern of classic technical analysis. I will tell and show you on examples how to trade this unique pattern.

Butterfly: How to Trade the Graphic Pattern?

In this overview, I will describe in detail a popular pattern of Harmonic Trading called Butterfly. I will show you its difference from the Gartley pattern and give you examples of trading by the Butterfly.

What is Herd Instinct in Forex, and How Does It Influence Trading?

An investor must never listen to the general opinion, or do they? Trading in a crowd simplifies the process and decreases your responsibility to a minimum. In this article, we will see how the herd instinct influences your trading decisions, and whether it is worth going against the crowd.

How to invest 10,000 USD?

In this post I will tel about how to invest 10,000 US dollars. You'll see most common approaches, but as always, the choice is up to you.

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