Eugene Savitsky


He has been in the financial market since 2004. Since 2012, has been trading stocks in an American exchange and publishes analytical articles on the stock market. Actively participates in preparing and delivering RoboForex educational webinars.

The author’s articles

Netflix: Investments with Increased Risks

Netflix shares have been trading between 465 USD and 560 USD for over a year. All-time high revenue does not impress investors. Why do market players refuse to invest in Netflix shares? The answers are in the article.

3 Stocks that Can Grow This Autumn

A COVID-19 strain called Delta is advancing in the USA. Investors fear negative consequences for the stock market. Which companies are suitable for investments in the pandemic? The answer is in the article.

NIO, Li Auto, and Xpeng: Good Time to Buy Stocks

The falling of Chinese stocks, provoked by the government, gives a good chance of buying stocks at attractive prices. Which sectors can also get attacked? Which stocks are popular among risky investors? Read more in our article.

Reverse Stock Split of General Electric: It is Good or Bad?

On July 30th, General Electric will have its stock go through a reverse split. Why did the company decide to increase its share price? Does General Electric hide something or the reason is awfully trivial? Read more in the article about the company.

Underestimated Companies: Will TripAdvisor Shares Grow?

Stock indices are correcting and shares of many companies are falling together with them. Investors try to benefit from this situation and buy stocks less pricey. TripAdvisor is one of the underestimated companies with a 75% share growth potential.

Hertz Shares Might Return to Market

Hertz Global finished the bankruptcy procedure. How is the company doing? What is going on with its 20-billion debt? Was the decision to go bankrupt right? Get to know in our article.

What Happens to Tesla Shares?

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla shares have fallen by 15%. Sales are at their highs but investots are not impressed. What is going on with the company? Why investots are selling Tesla shares?

Cannabis Shares in the Center of Attention Again

The shares of cannabis companies are attracting investors’ attention again. While everyone is waiting for marijuana legalization in the USA, let us consider the main players of the sectors as investment options.

Investing in Online Education

The pandemic made the demand for online learning increase. The revenue of companies in this sector grew steeply. Which shares are worth attention?

Which Stocks to Buy When Inflation Is High?

The steep growth of inflation scared investors but this is no reason to seek refuge in cash. This article enumerates the companies the shares of which might grow with inflation so high.

Inflation Advancing: How Will This Influence the Stock Market?

Janet Yellen mentioned an increase in interest rates, and market players got seriously worried. Are there reasons for any increase, or can they do without it? What other options of cooling the economy down the Fed has? All these questions are answered in the article.

Nokia: Shares Are Just Starting to Grow

The unexpected growth of Nokia’s revenue caught investors by surprise. After one trading session, the shares grew by 10%. What was the catalyst of such growth and is there a chance for further development? Find answers in our article.

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