Igor Sayadov


Has been in Forex since 2000. In 2005, designed his own trading system called Extra. He has been a state author of articles on tech analysis for RoboForex clients for the last 10 year.

The author’s articles

How to Trade USD/RUB?

USD/RUB (US Dollar/Russian Ruble) is an exotic currency pair, in which the quoting currency is the most interesting. How to trade USD/RUB, and what characteristic does it have? All the answers are in the article.

How to Trade the GBP/USD Currency Pair?

GBP/USD (Great Britain pound vs US dollar) is one of the most popular instruments in Forex. This overview presents the history of the pair, the factors that influence its dynamics, and suggests a simple trading strategy.

What is a Gap? Main Types and Gaps Trading

The Gap is shown in the chart above as yellow rectangles. This is a practical gap in the flow of quotations reflecting a serious difference between the opening and closing prices in trading sessions. A quick look at the chart captures a large number of such phenomena. This means that if we classify them we may find a lot of opportunities to use them in trading. But first, let us talk about the reasons which a Gap emerges for.

Parabolic Sar Indicator: Description of Use

The author of the Parabolic Sar is J. Welles Wilder. He first used it in 1976. In his book "New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems" Wilder presented several indicators: the Parabolic Sar, RSI, ADX.

EXTRA Trading Strategy Basics

EXTRA strategy, like any other, has long-term, mid-term and short-term goals. At the basis of this strategy lies a MATRIX. A matrix is practically the basic structure of the Elliott waves.

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