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He is the guru of searching for and demonstrating hidden opportunities and insights of the market. He writes about everything that might be of interest to the investor: stocks, currencies, indices, and various business spheres. Has been “in” since 2019.

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Why Are Novavax and Moderna Shares Falling?

Novavax and Moderna shares have started to fall. The reasons are as follows: Novavax has postponed its application to the FDA, and its quarterly report is weak, while Moderna shares are naturally correcting. Tech analysis of Novavax and Moderna shares.

What's Going On with Robinhood Markets Shares?

Over the first half of this week, Robinhood Markets shares grew by 100%. However, the news about a secondary placement dropped the quotation by 27.59%. Tech analysis of Robinhood Markets shares for August 6th, 2021.

Why Have Amazon, Pinterest, and Nikola Shares Fallen?

The shares of Amazon, Pinterest, and Nikola dropped by 7.6%, 18.24%, and 15.22%, respectively. Quarterly reports of Amazon and Pinterest turned out worse than expected. Nikola founder got accused of scam. Tech analysis of Amazon, Pinterest, and Nikola shares.

Quarterly statements from Twitter, Snap, and Intel

Quarterly statements from Twitter, Snap, and Intel were published on July 22nd. The first company reported the biggest revenue growth over seven years, the second – a 50% decline in losses, while the third one announced drops in both revenue and profit. Tech analysis of Twitter, Snap, and Intel shares

Quarterly statements from IBM, Netflix, Coca-Cola

This week, quarterly reports were published by IBM, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. The biggest revenue growth of IBM over three years. The decline in the number of American and Canadian subscribers. Coca-Cola surpassed its pre-covid numbers.

What is happening to global stock indices?

On Monday, global stock indices plunged significantly in response to concerns about the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the next day many of them managed to recover. Tech analysis of stock indices for July 21st, 2021.

What is Happening to Virgin Galactic Shares?

Virgin Galactic shares didn’t skyrocket after the company’s first successful space passenger flight. The news about the additional issue of shares ruined the price of Virgin Galactic shares down to $37.76; they have been falling for three trading sessions in a row. Tech analysis of Virgin Galactic for July 14th, 2021.

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