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Quiz: How Good You Are at Trading

We have prepared for you a short quiz so that you could check yourself. Answer these 10 questions below and find out how good you are at trading.

How to Trade Master Candle Method Strategy

In this post, we’ll talk about a simple indicator strategy called Master Candle Method. We’ll also tell you how strategy signals are formed, how to place Stop Loss and Take Profit, and describe capital management rules.

How to Trade by Indicator-less Strategy From Pullback?

The “From Pullback” indicator-less strategy is based on quite a fair supposition that a price move, especially an impulse, will quite fairly continue in the same direction than change it. The strategy applies to Forex, futures, and stock markets.

How to Trade Stocks in 2021. Beginners Guide

In this post, we have put together information for beginners on how to invest in stocks. We described it in the most simple and accessible words. If you still think that investing in stocks is difficult, then this post is for you!

Trading Strategy with Ichimoku Indicator

The Ichimoku indicator has long been acknowledged as an efficient market instrument for defining the prevailing trend. It frees the trader from the need to detect such important things on the chart as the support and resistance levels as well as the areas that do not suit for trading.

Bringing Up Positive Attitude towards Trading

This method is known as a solution-focused approach and is currently the quickest way of acquiring a positive attitude. It was described by a famous psychologist working with traders – Brett Steenbarger.

What Is Price Action Analysis?

Today we will talk about price action analysis, an important aspect of technical analysis on Forex. Price Action analyzes price behavior and patterns and can identify almost any market trend.

A Week in the Market: Things are Going to Be Interesting

The beginning of this week of August is calm and extremely quiet: nothing new on the macroeconomic calendar, the news flow is smooth. However, the information is going to become more and more topical, while the rates of currencies and assets will fluctuate more actively.

Trading with xSuperTrend indicators

In this article, we’ll talk about a group of indicators called xSuperTrend, application of which, together with certain rules, may provide trading on the Forex market with positive mathematical expectations.

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