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A Week in the Market (02/15 - 02/21): CB Minutes and Statistics

The new week of February, apart from freezing and nasty weather (which is explainable), will bring in tow a flow of statistics from the USA and Great Britain, as well as the minutes of the sessions of the ECB and Fed. No steep turns are expected here, however, you never know in advance.

A Week in the Market (02/01 - 02/07): Central Banks and US Labor Market

The first week of February will provide some understanding of the US employment sector, which is important for evaluating the perspectives of planned stimulation; also, we will see the results of some Central banks’ sessions. On the whole, no surprises are expected on either side – this means that the current state of affairs in the currency market can stay without change.

A Week in the Market (12/28 - 01/03): A New Year Calmness

One shouldn’t expect a Pre-New Year week to be feverish or volatile: everything that had to happen has already happened. It’s time to take a break to save strengths and come back to financial markets in the New Year as fresh as paint.

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