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Trading with Ultimate Oscillator

This overview is devoted to the working principles and trading signals of Ultimate Oscillator. It was created and used by a successful market trader Larry Williams.

Top-7 Oscillators for Trading

Trading indicators have long become useful instruments in traders’ work. This article is devoted to seven popular oscillators that help detect the current market situation and give signals for opening and closing positions.

Top-7 Forex Trend Indicators

Trading indicators have long become reliable helpers to traders. This article presents seven popular indicators that help define the trend direction and find good entry signals.

How to Use Gann Fan in Trading?

In this overview, we will discuss the use of one more trading instrument that draws support and resistance lines on the chart and helps forecast probable price surges. It is called the Gann Fan.

Trading with xSuperTrend indicators

In this article, we’ll talk about a group of indicators called xSuperTrend, application of which, together with certain rules, may provide trading on the Forex market with positive mathematical expectations.

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