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Stripe Sold Shares for $1 Billion

Silver Lake, Capital Group, Shopify, and Sequoia Capital bought Stripe shares for $1 billion. The most expensive startup of the Silicone Valley amounts to $95 billion.

Oil Prices Growing Again

Brent and WTI prices are growing after the publication of the oil market by the IEA. Demand for oil will have restored by the end of 2022.

Why Did Virgin Galactic Shares Grow?

The shares of Virgin Galactic started growing, supported by rumors about an upcoming test flight of SpaceShipTwo. After the successful test flight the quotations sky-rocketed by 27.62%, reaching $26.89. However, on the next day, they lost almost 5%.

News about Split Made NVIDIA Shares Grow

A couple of days before the quarterly report, the board of directors of NVIDIA announced a 1 to 4 split of the company’s shares. If the meeting of shareholders supports the split, the corrected shares will start trading on July 20th. The news made the quotations of the tech company grow by 2.6%.

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