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How to Trade USD/RUB?

USD/RUB (US Dollar/Russian Ruble) is an exotic currency pair, in which the quoting currency is the most interesting. How to trade USD/RUB, and what characteristic does it have? All the answers are in the article.

How to Trade the GBP/USD Currency Pair?

GBP/USD (Great Britain pound vs US dollar) is one of the most popular instruments in Forex. This overview presents the history of the pair, the factors that influence its dynamics, and suggests a simple trading strategy.

How to Trade by USD/CHF?

USD/CHF – the US dollar against Swiss franc – is one of the majors in Forex. In this overview, we will discuss some factors influencing the quotations of USD/CHF as well as learn some ways of trading the pair.

How to Trade USD/JPY?

In this overview, we will discuss trading the USD/JPY currency pair. This pair reflects the correlation of the US dollar and the Japanese yen; it is one of the majors in Forex.

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