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Netflix: Investments with Increased Risks

Netflix shares have been trading between 465 USD and 560 USD for over a year. All-time high revenue does not impress investors. Why do market players refuse to invest in Netflix shares? The answers are in the article.

Quarterly statements from IBM, Netflix, Coca-Cola

This week, quarterly reports were published by IBM, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. The biggest revenue growth of IBM over three years. The decline in the number of American and Canadian subscribers. Coca-Cola surpassed its pre-covid numbers.

Roku: Shares Keep Growing

Roku shares are nearing their all-time highs again. Why are investors so interested? Which model of development has Roku chosen? Find out in our article.

Why Did Walt Disney Shares Fall?

Walt Disney reported the results of Q2, financial 2021. The revenue dropped by 13% but the net profit grew by 95%. However, the number of paid subscriptions turned out to be inferior to the expectations of analysts. Walt Disney shares dropped by almost 3%.

Netflix Stocks Leaped Up By Almost 17% After Report

The report provoked growth of the quotations by 17%. In 2020, the revenue grew by 24%, net profit — by 47.9%, audience — by 32.1%. The company's experts say that in the nearest quarter the revenue will grow by 23.6% and the net profit — by 92%.

Will Netflix Keep Its Subscribers?

On August 6th Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) submitted its financial report for the second quarter of 2019. According to the report, the company's income has reached record levels, amounting to 20.25 billion USD; however, it has not matched the forecast level of 21.46 billion USD, which led to a steep decline of the stock price by 5%.

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