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What's Going On with Robinhood Markets Shares?

Over the first half of this week, Robinhood Markets shares grew by 100%. However, the news about a secondary placement dropped the quotation by 27.59%. Tech analysis of Robinhood Markets shares for August 6th, 2021.

Nokia: Shares Are Just Starting to Grow

The unexpected growth of Nokia’s revenue caught investors by surprise. After one trading session, the shares grew by 10%. What was the catalyst of such growth and is there a chance for further development? Find answers in our article.

GameStop. Short-Squeeze. Trading System

The stocks of GameStop have set the market on fire. Could one though buy them before they sky-rocketed? It turns out there are trading systems that allow this. Find more details in our article.

GameStop Stocks: Reddit Traders VS Wall Street

Traders from Reddit made the quotations of GameStop’s stocks grow by 1914% and hedge funds – lose over 6 billion USD. Get to know the details of the emotional war between retail investors and experts. Well-known exchange analysts give their comments.

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