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News about Split Made NVIDIA Shares Grow

A couple of days before the quarterly report, the board of directors of NVIDIA announced a 1 to 4 split of the company’s shares. If the meeting of shareholders supports the split, the corrected shares will start trading on July 20th. The news made the quotations of the tech company grow by 2.6%.

Three Reasons to Buy Tesla Shares after Split

At the beginning of June, one stock of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) cost 1000 USD. It took the company 10 years to reach this stock price; moreover, two months later, the stock price reached 2000 USD.
As the saying goes: “Only the first million USD is hard to earn”.

Apple and Tesla Will Have Stock Splits

Stock split is a good opportunity to invest in the world’s largest companies at reasonable prices. In our case, splits are made by Apple, Warren Buffett’s favorite company, and Tesla, which is considered as one of the most promising developing companies.

R Trader Multi-asset Platform: Massive Update

A large update, involving both the mobile and desktop versions, has been installed in the R Trader multi-asset platform. The update provided users with a bunch of new options, and the desktop version now features the Calendar of Corporate Events, extended statistics of the client's accounts, and 4 new indicators.

Calculating Stock Price: Detailed How-To

Any professional analyst knows that analysis must be based on the adjusted stock price. However, there are few of those who really know the financial mathematics necessary for adjusting. Of course, you may rely on some third party and get the adjusted prices from them. However, the understanding of how these adjustments are made is the key to a really successful analysis.

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