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IPO of TaskUs Inc.: Outsourcing for HiTech

In this article, I’ll tell you about an IPO of TaskUs. The company’s services are popular among such brands as Uber and Netflix. TaskUs is profitable and its earnings have been adding 60% on average for the last three years.

Cannabis Shares in the Center of Attention Again

The shares of cannabis companies are attracting investors’ attention again. While everyone is waiting for marijuana legalization in the USA, let us consider the main players of the sectors as investment options.

Investing in Online Education

The pandemic made the demand for online learning increase. The revenue of companies in this sector grew steeply. Which shares are worth attention?

IPO of Paymentus Holdings Inc.: a Fintech for Smaller Businesses

In this article, I’ll tell you about an IPO of Paymentus Holdings Inc., the company that developed a cloud platform for bill payments. Unlike many other fintech companies, Paymentus is entering the market being profitable with an annual earnings growth rate of over 25%.

AMD Shares Reacted to News about Buyback

A microcircuit manufacturer AMD announced a shares buyback program for up to $4 billion. The shares will be bought in the open market. It isn’t clear how long the program will last. AMD shares already grew by 5% in two days.

Which Stocks to Buy When Inflation Is High?

The steep growth of inflation scared investors but this is no reason to seek refuge in cash. This article enumerates the companies the shares of which might grow with inflation so high.

Why Did Walt Disney Shares Fall?

Walt Disney reported the results of Q2, financial 2021. The revenue dropped by 13% but the net profit grew by 95%. However, the number of paid subscriptions turned out to be inferior to the expectations of analysts. Walt Disney shares dropped by almost 3%.

US Ban Lifted: Xiaomi Shares Grow

Xiaomi will be excluded from the list of Chinese companies that American individual investors and legal entities may not invest in. This news made the shares of the company grow by 6.1%.

SQUARESPACE, INC. DPO: a Website for Dummies

In this article, I’ll tell you about the Direct Public Offering of SquareSpace, a company that helps individual entrepreneurs to create websites for their businesses without having any programming skills. Unlike many other tech companies, SquareSpace is entering the market being a profitable company.

How to Trade Commodities: Guide for Beginners

Trading commodities helps investors diversify their portfolios because these instruments have no connection to the stock or currency market. This article explains what commodities are and how to trade them.

Nokia: Shares Are Just Starting to Grow

The unexpected growth of Nokia’s revenue caught investors by surprise. After one trading session, the shares grew by 10%. What was the catalyst of such growth and is there a chance for further development? Find answers in our article.

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